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Nearly 100 experts validate the use of sentinel lymph node in thyroid cancer


For the first time in Spain Vall d'Hebron University Hospital has been the meeting point of limph node in thyroid cancer. Friday 25th, nearly 100 VHIR researchers and Spanish doctors debated and validated the use of limph node for treating papillary thyroid cancer tumors T1, T2 and N0.

This pioneer technique has been practiced during the last 6 months at Vall d'Hebron with high technology such as the SPECT-CT for prior scrutiny, and the OSNA (One Step Nucleotid Amplification) to eliminate micrometastasis in lymph node. To develop it and obtaining the clinical application, it's been crucial the coordination among the services of Endocrinology, Nuclear Medicine, Anatomic Pathology and Surgery at the hospital.

After an intense debate, VHIR researchers decided to study its application in advanced tumors (T3 and T4), and to create a Spanish database to include the cases of the hospitals that are going to incorporate this innovative technique in its clinical use.