The Vall d'Hebron University Hospital encompasses practically all medical and surgical specialities and has the necessary forms of healthcare to cover all these areas, including clinical services and clinical support units, university educational centres, public health service companies, research centres, laboratories and other installations to round out the hospital's activities in healthcare.  

Our organisational and managerial model places the patient at the centre of our work, including education and research, and includes participation in Catalan and national research projects. Quality is a key aspect for hospital professionals, who enjoy national and international prestige and are involved in initiatives with the Ministry of Health and the Catalan Health Institute public company to which it belongs.

We strive to create a model based on knowledge and centred on the patients, committed to multidisciplinary/functional units in which professionals from different disciplines can provide their knowledge and expertise to create healthcare that is geared towards people and quality. Therefore, hospital professionals form the central pillar of this model, and their leadership and commitment are key elements in positioning the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital within its area of influence.