Campus Hospital Vall d'Hebron generate, transform and transmit knowledge in all areas of Health Sciences.

We understand training as a strategic axis in the health system, aimed at improving healthcare and its quality. We want to contribute to training expert professionals who are committed to society, welcoming of patients, who uphold ethical and deontological principles and who are actively involved in research and innovation.

We know that knowledge grows as it is shared and that has shaped our experience in training. We have participated in specialised health training since the very first training programmes held in the 1960's, and we have been a university hospital of the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1971. We also have agreements with other universities and external educational centres to develop training and specific activities.

Our line of work is recognised by the large number of students in professional training, undergraduate and graduate university programmes and professionals in specialised or in-service training who participate each year in our training activities.