Aula Vall d'Hebron

The hospital has an internal in-service training policy aimed at promoting the development of the organisational structure and the people integrated in such. In addition, as an expert reference centre in different health areas, the hospital organises a large number of courses, conferences and workshops geared towards both internal and external professionals. The education we offer is aimed at refreshing knowledge and characterised by permanent innovation as well as the competence and commitment of our educators. Our consolidated experience in providing training in different specialities makes us a reference in Spain.

The Aula Vall d'Hebron, as a support structure for the management of knowledge, offers technical and methodological support for the activities of the different clinical units, facilitating external visibility and identifying and promoting new lines of work, especially those that integrate different areas of knowledge. The Aula Vall d'Hebron Classroom is committed to innovation and excellence as key values in education and prioritises all actions based on new learning methodologies and simulation.




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